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Nutrition Services



Weight & Disease Management

The internet is loaded with ways that claim to help you lose weight, but the questions are: are you losing fat cells? Or are you losing water with important minerals that the body needs? Or are you losing protein and muscle mass?

Fat cells are the hardest to lose, and they can multiply rapidly.

Only a trained nutritionist can custom design a healthy diet (or food regimen) that looks at your body as a unique, individual system of many parts, and suits it with what works with that system.

The right diet can help prevent some diseases and aid in the treatment of others.

At Nourishing Energy, you are a unique body and soul that needs nourishment in order for that whole to flourish and have the desired state of well being.

We help you take control of your life to master your evolution.


Balancing Hormones

Why do women gain weight after a certain age or lose it in other cases, despite dieting and exercising? The answer is hormonal changes.

Many foods and herbs can alter the hormones in our bodies. This which in return can change the way we look, feels, and behave.

A good balanced diet can help mange those changes and help us feel better.



We aid those who are unable to have children after the Doctors have confirmed that everything is fine. Also we help with pre and post natal nutrition for mother and baby.

The right nutrition can help with both male and female fertility. Having the lack of key minerals and vitamins can hinder the chance of pregnancy.

We diagnose what the body is missing and recommend the correct actions in moving forward.


Elderly Care

The body has an amazing ability to rejuvenate and renew the cells within. When we abuse and misuse the body degenerative diseases starts to take control and we lose the ability to stay as healthy as we might have been when we were younger.

This is where taking care of our energy can alter that path, and help the body restore its natural ability to heal and renew itself again.

A good diet and energy counseling can aid in bringing back the vitality and strength that we once had, and maintain a good health throughout the later ages in life.

Let us help you in your journey to a better health at any age.





Immune Boosting

Our cells use most of the nutrients we consume to go about our daily physical and chemical reactions that our bodies under goes on a daily bases, especially when we are stressed or under excessive work load.

Figuring out how to feed the engine that runs our bodies to combat all that stress is key in boosting our immune systems.

Let us help you design a program that is specifically designed to help you to aid your body to combat disease and stress.